Consultancy & Coaching

Lectures in Art and Culture

  • 2004 – 2009: Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam
    • ‘Culture history, politics, economics and social codes in the United Arab Emirates’.
    • Series of lectures from a cultural-historical perspective.
  • 2002: The Hague University of Applied Sciences / International Business School, The Hague
    • ‘Globalization from an art and cultural-historical perspective’.

  • 2002: University of the Arts, Utrecht
    • Arab and Islamic influences in the modern European visual arts. ‘Etude comparée’. Methodology with study example.

  • 2001: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam
    • Crea – Studium Generale in de kunstbeoefening
    • The relationship between Islam, art and culture
  • 2001: University of the Arts, Utrecht
    • Series of three lectures on Arab and Islamic influences in modern European visual art.

    • “Whose perspective?” Comparison of Arab / Islamic tradition in the visual arts.

    • ‘The Sources of the Artist’. ‘Etude comparée’. Methodology with study example.

    • ‘Visual art and theater’, space suggestion and the portrayal of paradise in western and eastern visual arts.

  • 2000: DasArts, Amsterdam
    • Suggestion of spaces in visual art in relation to theater. 
  • 1999 – 2000: Kunstcentrum Whereland, Purmerend
    • Internal lecture to the staff
    • Presentation / summary of the six-part lecture:
      • ‘Looking differently’ about the influences of non-European cultures on the development of visual arts in Europe.
      • ‘Japan / Impressionism’.
      • ‘Japan / Second Parisian School’.
      • ‘Africa / Cubism’.
      • ‘African art, Pre-Columbian art / Surrealism’.
      • ‘North Africa, Islam / From Orientalism to Matisse’.
    • ‘Conclusion and evaluation’.

Art Projects for Youth and Young Generation

  • R & B jongeren Amsterdam
  • Basisschool De Punt Amsterdam

Art Exhibition and Audio Visual Production

  • Participation in and coordination of exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Over 45 documentaries covering company executive promotions, culture and biography.